Iiyama ProLite TE5564MIS

ProLite TE5564MIS - 55” Full HD professional large format display with 6 compatible touch pointsIncorporating the new InfraRed 6 point touch feature along with supreme IPS panel colour performance, this display offers the optimum performance for a truly multi-user interactive experience. 

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Veličina ekrana (dijagonala) 55"/140 cm
Rezolucija 1920 x 1080
Boje 16.7
Svjetilina (cd/m2) 310 cd/m² with touch panel
Kontrast 1 400 : 1 typical
Orijentacija Landscape
Touch sučelje 10 point touch

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With the ability to handle up to 6 individual touch points, the TE5564MIS offers an exceptional capacity within Retail, Education, Training, Corporate and B2B markets.  Features include PIP and PBP perfect for Video Conferencing or handing multi-input content in many environments. It also features an ambient light sensor delivering optimal picture quality with the added benefit of saving on power. Incorporating Protection Glass and AG-coating the display can handle harshest environments from the Classroom to Public Domain Retail installation. Perfect solution for Interactive Digital Signage.

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