Displax Skin Touchfoil 20 point Touch

A fast and smooth touch experience for large format displays
Scheme showing glass and Multitouch foil integration
Projected Capacitive
Multitouch foil for large size displays
From 30'' up to 100''
4:3; 16:9 and special formats available

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Orijentacija Landscape/Portrait
Touch sučelje 20 point touch

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Palm & Arm rejection
The sensor has the ability to recognize and reject large areas of touch contact, like palms or arms, while finger touch detection remains working. Users can lean over a table and not affect the touch experience. This feature can be disabled in the control panel.
Advanced Calibration mode included
Create customized touchscreen installations. This feature gives the flexibility of using a sensor smaller than the display and control touch in just the sensor area. Or, alternatively, the option of having multiple displays in a grid and detect touch only in part of that display area.
Unaffected by light conditions
Interactive equipment using Skin Multitouch can be placed anywhere as they are unaffected by lighting conditions. They can be placed outdoor, under direct sunlight, or in extreme light conditions.
Pressure sensing, a unique technique in Procap. Skin Multitouch detects different degrees of touch pressure and provides this information to developers through an SDK. Innovative multitouch applications and interfaces can be developed using this feature.
Through non conductive materials
ProCap technology works with non conductive materials, like glass, wood or special materials like Corian. Typical applications include applying the sensor on a glass,and touch is detected on the other side of the glass. This glass is usually between 4mm and 8mm but it can be up to 20mm.
Light Weight
Skin Multitouch is very light weight product (200g), easy and affordable to ship worldwide. The surface for lamination and display can be provided locally as they are both widely available worldwide.

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