Iiyama ProLite TF1934MC

19’’ open frame 10pt touch monitor featuring IPS panelThe ProLite TF1934MC-B2X 19" multi touch screen is based on projective capacitive technology which thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen guarantees high durability, scratch-resistance and perfect picture performance.

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Veličina ekrana (dijagonala) 19"/48 cm
Rezolucija 1280 x 1024
Boje 16.7 million
Svjetilina (cd/m2) 225 cd/m² with touch panel
Kontrast 1 000 : 1 with touch panel
Orijentacija Landscape
Touch sučelje 10 point touch

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The IPS matrix guarantees high performance with accurate and consistent colour reproduction, and wide viewing angles. The touch function remains unaffected even if the glass is scratched. The screen is IP65 rated which means it is dust and water resistant. For ease of installation in any environment the ProLite TF1934MC-B2X comes equipped with external mounting brackets making it an ideal solution for kiosk integrators and Instore Retail.

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