Iiyama ProLite T1532SR

ProLite T1532SR is an incredibly powerful touch solution based on the latest 5 Wire Resistive technology. Price / performance ratio is ideal for the budget conscious user while quality and specification is certainly not compromised. 

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Veličina ekrana (dijagonala) 15"/38 cm
Rezolucija 1024 x 768
Boje 16.7 million
Svjetilina (cd/m2) 300 cd/m² with touch panel
Kontrast 700 : 1 with touch panel
Orijentacija Landscape
Touch sučelje Single Touch

Više informacija

The display inputs include both Analogue and Digital (DVI) with Touchscreen connectivity via either USB or RS-232 which offers greater than typical flexibility. A solid and steady base supports the TouchScreen with an adjustable stand offering full 90 degree positioning angles. Extensive Touch Utilities allow for 4 point calibration and 9/25 point linerisation. Menu Buttons are located on the side of the screen which can be locked to prevent tampering, and includes a handy function to deactivate the Touch Screen for cleaning. In addition the bezel free design creates an eye-catching finish with high light transmission guaranteeing perfect picture clarity and brilliant colours.  


5-wire resistive touchscreens are very durable and can be used in a variety of environments. They are especially recommended for shops, restaurants and industrial purposes.


The IP Code classifies how resistant a device is to foreign objects and moisture. IP54 means that the monitor will operate in dusty conditions, and will resist splashing water.


RS-232 and USB


For greater flexibility this monitor supports touchscreen connectivity with either USB or RS-232 interfaces.

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